Lead Generation

We provide Lead Generation services for various industries. Lead Generation can help you reach out to new prospects who will surely be interested in the products and services you have to offer. With our Multi channel approach, we acquire new prospects through various channels such as emails, calls and even social media platforms. This helps the prospect gain a deep understanding of your company and services which in turn makes it easier to convert them to a customer.

Generate Fresh Leads

By launching different marketing campaigns, we make sure that the prospect is well aware of the products or services your company has to offer. We keep our clients updated through every step of the process using customized reports for them to easily keep a track of the leads generated.

Based on your company and your goals, we design customized marketing campaigns for a successful result.

Our Process

It is important for us to understand the vision, core values, mission of your company in order to get you the most relevant results. Thus, our first step will be to get information from you about your goals, target audience, existing audience data, target location etc to plan the most optimum strategies and set right Key Performance Indicators to track our progression.

A detailed summary of this discussion is then sent to the client to make sure we have understood the objectives.

After we receive your confirmation, the account managers at Logichron assign tasks to individuals according to their expertise and brainstorms with the entire team to derive the best multi channel strategy suited to your needs. The execution is done immediately and a report is sent out to you on a regular basis.

In this entire process of execution, our team regularly updates and refines data to stay at the top of our game.

At the end of the campaign, detailed statistical data is compiled and delivered to you which not only gives an in-depth insight on the campaign performance but also helps to optimise the strategies to obtain better results in future.